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2014 INA Service Award Pin Form

The following samples have been provided to help you successfully complete your application.

Sample Bio

Susan was fortunate to grow up on a small farm with lots of land where she and her brother would spend a lot of time outside caring for animals. Susan’s mother was a wonderful nurturer. Her father worked hard which taught them the importance of a strong work ethic.  Susan has worked with children since she was a teenager. Her first job as a teacher’s assistant in a pre-school moved into working as a substitute teacher in the same pre-school. She moved on to a daycare and filled many roles from assistant to head teacher.

In 1998 while she enrolled in an Early Childhood Degree Program, and decided she wanted to become a Professional Career Nanny. She has been a Professional Nanny for 14 years! Susan worked long term for three wonderful families. She has cared for children of all ages including newborns. The fun and exciting part about her job is that each day is always different. Over the past few years Susan has enjoyed caring for more newborns in her positions. She says the calmness and trust a baby can have for you is unique and comforting. Susan decided to start researching specialized newborn care. She felt that was really the next step in her career. She soon realized there was a name for she was looking into: Newborn Care Specialist. Susan took a Newborn Specialist training class before moving to California.

Susan knew she would be great with newborns. Shortly after relocating Susan found her first client as a Newborn Care Specialist. They family felt that the combination of her 20 years of child care experience and her personality make her a perfect fit for their family. They also felt that her longevity at previous jobs showed her commitment and dedication to the profession.

Susan is a strong teacher and nurturer along with being a self-starter and an excellent communicator. She feels these are all extremely important in the child care field.  . She enjoys teaching children new things, and helping to promote learning at their own pace. Susan hopes to continue as a Newborn Care Specialist educating and providing quality care to many families. She continues to set professional goals that she hopes to achieve. She knows she still has much to learn on this new journey.

Sample Work History

July 2004 – present
Libby Jones
Professional Live-in Nanny/Home Manager
Managed household and helped with teenagers 12 yo Boy and 15 yo girl


February 1998- June 2004
Jane Smithfield
Professional Live-in Nanny/Home Manager
Managed household and nannies 8 year old girl and 10 year boy plus provided supervision for 14 year old Boy


September 1996 - November 1997
Jerry Thomas and Steve Levine
Professional Live-out Nanny
Full time nanny for 18 month old girl and 3 year old twins


August 1992 - August 1996
Gina and Tom Proffer
Professional Live-in
Full time nanny for 2 year old boy, 4 year old girl and 8 year old boy