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  • President's Message
  • The Legacy of a Nanny
  • Continuing Education
  • 5 Reasons Every NCS Should Attend Conference

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President's Message
By Becky Kavanagh, INA co-president

Every year at this time I start getting excited about attending another INA Conference. This year is no exception and maybe a little more exciting than most. We're in a great location for pre- and post-conference fun. Dining, shows, shopping—Las Vegas is the place. We have some amazing speakers and workshop sessions planned that will send you home energized and recharged. The INA 50/50 raffle is back with some very interesting items. This year, half of the proceeds go to Spread the Word Nevada, as we support their work in promoting children’s literacy. I know we have book donations coming from all over the country which go directly into children’s hands—what a gift!

I love the nanny sessions; they are always top-notch. I’m thrilled about the Newborn Care Specialist track we now offer which includes the country’s experts. I also gain insight from attending some of the business focused sessions, where as a nanny, I’m welcomed. The conference provides many opportunities to connect—workshop sessions, networking breaks, meals, receptions, impromptu gatherings after a day in sessions to relax, and heading out to dinner with friends old or new. We have a large number of first-time conference attendees coming this year and I can’t wait to meet them.

I’ve attended many child care related conferences and meetings over the years, but none of them come close to INA’s Annual Conference. The reason is the opportunity for connecting with all facets of the in-home child care industry. Where else can you go to get a snapshot of the industry as a whole? Only INA offers you the opportunity—don’t miss it!

See you in Vegas!


The Legacy of a Nanny
By Marcia Hall, INA Nanny of the Year

As I look back on my year as INA Nanny of the Year, it is my hope that I have left some lasting impression with you. Maybe it was my duel role as a nanny and a mom, or maybe it is simply that I smile a lot. I think it is just human nature to want to be remembered for the positive things we accomplish in life. So though I am sure you will not remember my time as NOTY quite as fondly as I will remember it, I hope I have made an impact on you and the way you see your role as nanny in the world. I especially hope that I have left you with the knowledge that you can be an amazing nanny and a great mom at the same time. 

This reminds me a great deal of the legacy we leave with our charges. As nannies, we spend long days, sleepless nights and oftentimes give up our weekends to care for children that we will most likely not stay with past a certain point. We are not ALL able to spend 25 years with the same family; therefore we may not often see the outcome of our dedication and hard work. Though we do not see the difference our work makes in these children’s lives, the difference we made is still the same. 

Nannies notice the things children love to do and find a way to teach them through it. Nannies work hard to make the home lives of their employers easier, so that their time together is quality family time. Nannies sacrifice time on weekends and week nights to come up with fun ideas for their charges to do. Nannies find the “extra” stuff that will make children’s routines run more smoothly and their lives better. Nannies do more than hug and kiss their charges; they form connections emotionally and physically that will last a lifetime. 

The legacy you leave will last a lifetime.  Even if you are not lucky enough to see the outcomes, rest assured, you will NOT be forgotten!


Continuing Education  
By Kellie Geres, INAVision Editor

Education is an important element for the career of most any professional.  For 27 years INA has offered an intensive three-day conference geared towards bringing nannies, agencies and industry services together to provide the latest information in our industry. This year, over 150 professionals are set to gather in Las Vegas, Nevada, and will learn techniques and strategies on Expanding Your Role in the Household, Families in Crisis, What our Boys need, Preemie and Newborn Car Seat Safety, The Parent Factor, Building a Better Business, How to build a Social Media Strategy, Legal Updates for 2012 and much, much more.   

While not everyone can attend conference, we realize education is an important aspect of this industry. INA and our educator members have worked to put together Recommended Practices for Educators which details the definitions of Educators, Recommended Practices for Educators, Recommended Educational Competencies for Nannies and a Checklist for the Prospective Student. 

In honor of National Nanny Training Day, an event taking place in nearly 30 cities across the country and attracting over 1200 nannies nationwide, INA is offering caregivers a special membership rate of $25 until April 30. 


Five Reasons Every NCS Should Attend Conference  
By Cortney Gibson, Gibson Newborn Services

1. Um, Vegas, baby! Shows, restaurants, sunshine, gaming, and much more.

2. Network with dozens of other newborn care professionals, agency owners and industry specialists. Be sure to bring business cards to hand out.

3. Meet, socialize, and talk shop with like-minded professionals. You’ll make friends for life!

4. Attend two jam-packed days of workshops that will help you grow your business and expand your knowledge base. We have unique subjects to cover and in-depth topics to explore.

5. Get fired up! The INA conference will renew your thirst for knowledge and motivate you to apply what you’ve learned to build your business and increase your marketable skills.

Oh, and if that isn’t enough incentive, just consider this: the conference hotel price is ridiculously affordable and, if you do some research, cheap flights are still out there.

Throw in an unbelievable discount of 50% off conference registration for first-time attendees and it’s clear. This investment in your career will pay off big time and those are much better odds than any casino game. See you in May!





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