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  • "New" Nannies Can Teach the "Experienced" Nannies
  • The INA Conference Experience

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Conference Update

Conference planning is in progress. See you in Spring 2015!


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President's Message
By Kathy Webb, INA co-president

A Preview...

Kathy WebbThe entire INA Board of Directors is energized by the wonderful annual conference we just completed in Los Angeles. I would like to share with you the INA’s change of leadership as well as a preview of where we hope to guide the association going forward.

Cortney Gibson (Gibson Newborn Services) and I are sharing the office of President for the INA in the coming year. As Co-Presidents we have an agenda and a vision.

Association Leadership: The INA has been very fortunate for the last 29 years to have had wonderful members step up to the role of President to lead the association. I would be remiss if I did not give a huge shout-out to Susan Tokayer who ably and tireless led the INA for the last 6 years. Cortney and I have big shoes to fill, and we know it!

I have been fortunate to personally know the leaders who served as INA President over the last 20 years and they all share the same observation – this role is too important and too demanding for one person to assume on a volunteer basis for more than a year or two.  Cortney and I are making the establishment of regular and orderly transfer of the office of INA President a priority.

I began last November working closely with Susan to insure that the INA office and our services to members would be minimally disrupted when Susan stepped down in March 2014. Your all-volunteer board has had frank discussions about leadership transitions.  With that in mind, I will be taking the lead for the next year, sharing the challenges and lessons learned with Cortney along the way. I plan to move into the back seat in 2015 and facilitate Cortney’s move to the lead.  It is our shared goal that no later than November of 2014 we will have identified a current board member to begin grooming for 2016 INA leadership.

I have been an INA member since 1993 and assure you that the value of INA membership to each of you is directly related to what you contribute. You get what you give! You have many opportunities to participate – from writing for our blog, to suggestions for future conference programming,  volunteer work for a committee, and planning ahead for the wonderful educational and networking opportunities to be offered at our INA 30th annual conference extravaganza – late April 2015 in Cancun Mexico! I look forward to seeing you all there!

Do you have questions, feedback, or suggestions? Reach out to me please. I and the entire INA board and staff are here to serve you, our members.

Warmest regards,
Kathy Webb


"New" Nannies Can Teach the "Experienced" Nannies 
By Sheri Lopez, 2014 INA Nanny of the Year

Sheri Lopez
It is not uncommon for nannies just starting their career to seek out a mentor, a nanny who has been in the business for some time and is able to guide and share based upon their own experiences.

I think having a mentor is invaluable and can help a new nanny in many ways. But, what can an experienced nanny learn from a new nanny?

In my opinion, I think an experienced nanny can learn a lot from someone who is just starting out. Let me ask, if you are an experienced nanny, do you remember how you felt when you first started your career? Well, I do and I think a new nanny can rejuvenate those feelings. Starting a new career is exciting and a new nanny’s enthusiasm can be contagious.

A nanny who recently graduated from a nanny training program will know about  recent topics in the in-home child care industry and can ‘educate’ an experienced nanny on different parenting styles that have emerged over the past several years.

Learning how to ‘play’ again is something perhaps an experienced nanny needs to rediscover. I know that when I talk with nannies just starting their careers, they share how they have spent hours researching fun games and activities for their charges. I seem to have a standard list of go-to games and activities, so I am always open to all the wonderful suggestions!

Speaking to new nannies about the start of their new career reignites my passion for the in-home child field. Their excitement, passion and desire to be the best that they can be, is exhilarating and encourages me to be the best that I can be and not to become complacent.

I enjoy spending time with the new nannies that will someday replace this experienced nanny. I like to hear their vision for their career and feed off their endless passion for children and what may lie ahead.

I know firsthand that a new nanny has a lot to share, that they have a lot of knowledge, insight, passion and dedication. I know as an experienced nanny I can at times lose sight of the big picture and it is good to become grounded again.

To all the new nannies just beginning your career; you are all amazing and valuable. Just because you are ‘new’, never sell yourself short, you have a lot to offer. You can be as passionate as you allow yourself to be. Learn, learn and learn more of this wonderful career and be sure to share what you learn with nannies new and experienced, as we can learn from you.


The INA Conference Experience
By Louise Dunham, INA 2nd Vice President, Chair, Ethics Committee

 INA's Annual Conference - A Personal Experience

Louise DunhamINA’s annual conference is a unique experience in our industry, an opportunity to learn and network with top professionals from all aspects of our industry – placement professionals, professional nannies, professional educators and of course the specialty vendors who support our industry. My impressions must of course be prefaced with the obvious; they are mine alone. Some will agree, some will disagree.

I own Placement Solutions, a Melbourne Australia nanny placement agency. The conference for me, since I started attending them in 2010 in San Francisco, is as always preceded by a very long flight. It is 17 hours to your west coast cities with good routing! Conference 2013 in Los Angeles was a different experience for me as I was to be able to bring two of my office staff and our first Placement Solutions nominee for the NOTY award. It was such a pleasure to share this opportunity with my team.

I joined the INA Board in 2013. So for the first time conference was sandwiched between a board meeting either end on Thursday am and Sunday am. Bookending the conference means the INA Board can put out any fires preceding the event and then carefully evaluate and improve after the event, whilst items and issues are fresh in our minds. A short breather and then the board is straight into planning for next year.

I mainly attended workshops in the Agency track, with the exception of workshops by Dr. Jen Berman and Dr. Harvey Karp, at INA’s 29th annual conference. Let me unequivocal here - I thought the conference was fabulous. There was a spectacular line up of experts both from within and outside our industry.

Dr. Berman’s Keynote addressed the oh-so-needed crucial communication skills that are key to a successful nanny and family relationship. She showed us how to ask for what one needs assertively but not aggressively and how  to bring up and disarm the potential  conflict discussions that can so easily cause us in this industry to be unassertive and meek or overly demanding and aggressive. Dr. Berman shared helped us develop essential skills in a fun, interactive and often humorous session.


Dr. Karp, who I have to admit is completely new to me, was warm and wonderful and generous in his sharing of the 5 S's of baby settling. I too am now a fan! Post-conference Dr. Karp generously offered discounted access for his training to INA members. We at Placement Solutions will be offering this to our gold nannies and newborn care specialists (known as night nannies or maternity nurses in Australia). Conference attendees were plainly a-buzz with excitement having the opportunity to learn from Dr. Karp, and for many he was the highlight of their conference experience.

 I moderated an Agency track session called Nail the Placement in 3 Referrals or Less. Four nanny placement specialists generously shared their time and talent with the INA. Panelists included Daryl Camirillo, owner of Stanford Park Nannies, the current APNA agency of the year owner; Jami Dennis, owner of ABC Nannies in Denver; Ryan Jordan, founder of Educated Nannies in Los Angeles; and also including our own Placement Solutions’ Placement Manager, Rachelle Teycheney. The session  was well attended and it was fantastic to have an opportunity  to really work through placement questions in depth and hear so many quality questions and answers from both the panel and the audience.

Bob King from Legally Nanny again provided plain and simple legal truths from questions pre-submitted before the conference. His advice for new agencies is to get the paperwork right first up rather than waiting until there is a tricky legal problem. He gently but firmly  reminded everyone that federal and state laws apply across our industry just like for every other business and you take care of those laws first and make sure you understand your obligations.

Last but never least there were the caucuses which provide an opportunity to provide honest feedback and suggestions for an improved conference experience.These sessions are vitally important to help the conference planning committee work on the next conference. All suggestions both positive and negative are taken on board.

Lest I forget, the real take away from conference over and above everything else are the networking opportunities and the camaraderie amongst old and new friends and acquaintances. This alone makes conference worth attending every year.

I would in closing like to make a special mention of the closed conference Facebook group that enables the networking to start months before conference begins and helps first timers plan and obtain advice. I am very much looking forward to the INA’s 30th Annual Conference gala experience in Cancun Mexico in April 2015.





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