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  • Agencies--Calling All Questions!
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2013 Conference



April 12-15, 2013

Hyatt Regency Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky


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President's Message
By Becky Kavanagh, INA co-president

Becky KavanaghLouisville, Here We Come!

Confession: I love INA Conference! OK, so maybe I don’t love the crazy flurry of preparations leading up to conference. But I do love the anticipation of seeing all those friends I’ve met over the years and getting to meet the new attendees. I’ve said it before – my favorite part of any INA Conference is the networking. This year the networking is starting early because INA Conference attendees can connect through our own Facebook page. If you haven’t joined us in the pre-conference conversations please do; we’d love to have your voice.

Beyond the networking I’m thrilled that we have such a strong offering of workshops with amazing speakers. Many of our speakers have a national and international reputation that sets them apart. It’s going to be tough to make decisions on which sessions to attend. Please check out the INA website conference section where you’ll see bios on all the speakers and topics they’ll be presenting on. Remember that all sessions, except the caucuses, are open to all attendees. The sessions are labeled as nanny, agency or newborn care specialist to specify the focus of the topic – but you are welcome to pick the sessions that you like. And unlike other conferences you don’t have to preselect the session you want.

INA is also offering three additional special sessions on Friday that you may be interested in attending. For these workshops you do need to preregister and for two of them there is an additional fee, but if you want to get the most out of your conference experience please check out these options on the conference page as well.

If you are a first-time attendee to an INA conference we’re excited to meet you. We schedule an orientation for you on Friday evening just before the Welcome Reception. I’ll be facilitating this orientation to help you get the most out of your conference experience. I’d love to see you there!

Louisville is a welcoming city and offers many activities and restaurants in the vicinity of the Hyatt.  Most restaurants, shops and sights are within walking distance, but Louisville also has a trolley system that can take you to a number of locations. We’ll be offering opportunities for groups to get together each evening for dinner.

See you there!


Agencies-- Calling All Questions! 

As conference draws near, our speakers are hard at work fine-tuning their presentations.  As part of that fine-tuning, two of our speakers have requested that you submit questions that  will be addressed specifically in their interactive workshops.  We sincerely hope you will take a few minutes to send in your questions, so that these sessions will address both general and specific questions you have about the nanny industry and your business.

Bob King, of Legally Nanny, will be presenting: Legal Update for 2013 & Answers To Your Questions About The Law, Your Agency, Nannies, And Your Clients.  Bob would like to ask those with questions to please send them via e-mail, with the subject line “INA Conference”, to .

Jessica Friedman of TLC for Kids Inc., St Louis, will be presenting the workshop: Let’s Collaborate and Improve our Businesses! Recruiting, Interviewing, Screening and Marketing.  Jessica would like to ask that questions about how to improve your business in these areas be e-mailed to her at with the subject line “INA Conference Workshop Question”.  Later this month, INA will also be sending out a voluntary questionnaire with specific questions Jessica would like to poll her audience on prior to conference.

Thank you for your participation in helping customize these workshops specifically to your needs.


Making the Most of the "In-Between" 
By Nikki Gribble, 2012 INA Nanny of the Year

As I look forward to conference, and back on this past year of serving as the 2012 International Nanny of the Year, many things have happened in my life. I have enjoyed many new experiences, traveled to new places, been able to help people understand the role of a nanny, and found myself transitioning the family I worked for to a new state, thus ending my position with them. Finding myself in the situation of being between jobs again, I asked myself how I could use this transition time wisely. As the time approached for my most recent position to end, I made a list of things I wanted to do while I was between families. The top three things on my list were to add another credential to my resume, travel, and to do some volunteer work.

I have always made it a priority to keep skills fresh by renewing certifications, attending conferences and workshops, or acquiring new certifications through continuing education. One certification that has been on my list for a couple of years now has been to attain a Child Passenger Safety Technician Certification. This is an intensive 3½ day course and, because of time constraints, I haven't been able to take it before. Being between nanny jobs gave me the perfect opportunity to complete this goal and also opened up several volunteer opportunities.

I also thoroughly enjoy traveling and have been able to travel several places since my job ended in mid-December. Since then I have been blessed to have been able to travel to see family and friends in Michigan, Colorado, and New York. I am looking forward to traveling to Miami on a temp position with one of my previous families, Kentucky in April for the INA conference (I look forward to seeing many of you there), and visiting six countries as I embark on a Mediterranean cruise with friends later this spring.

Volunteering has always been something I like to do when I'm transitioning between families. I enjoy helping other people and it is usually fun, especially if you can do it with friends. So far I have been able to volunteer at two community car seat check events. I have also helped on a few projects at my church. I am also hoping to be able to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity soon. I will see how many more I can add before starting my next position.

Whether you are working or between positions, it is important to make every day count. As nannies, I think a lot of us believe that every day is full of opportunities for our charges to grow and experience new things, but how many of us take that viewpoint into our personal lives? I know I haven’t always been good at that, but I’m working hard to seize the day and every opportunity it has to offer. As professional nannies, I challenge you that the next time you are between perfect nanny jobs, use this gift of time wisely to enhance yourself and your life and in turn you will enhance the lives of your future charges.


Early Bird Conference Discount Ending Soon, and Hotels are Booking Fast, so Plan Your Trip Today!

The early bird discount to register for the INA 28th Annual Conference ends this Friday March 15, 2013, so register today! This year's conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency Louisville, in beautiful downtown Louisville, KY, April 12-15, 2013. 

Although the Hyatt Regency is fully booked, as are many other downtown hotels, the INA office does have a list of local hotels with available rooms.  If you are still in need of a hotel, please e-mail the INA office at to receive a copy of this list.

See you in April!




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