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  • President's Message
  • In With the NEW!!
  • How the New Health Insurance Law May Affect the Nanny Industry
  • Conference Registration is Now Open!

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President's Message: Eyes on the Future
By Becky Kavanagh, INA Co-President

New Year’s has always been a time for looking back to the past, and more importantly, forward to the coming year. It’s a time to reflect on the changes we want (or need) to make and resolve to follow through on those changes. This kind of yearly evaluation and goal setting also is effective for INA. The board is constantly looking ahead while keeping an eye on the history and traditions that brought us to this point.

Embracing new technology and strategies can be exciting but also challenging. While we are an active, working board – we also know when experts are needed. I’m personally grateful that our talented board and committee members work as a team. It’s this teamwork that moves INA forward while staying true to the organization’s mission.

INA membership is rich with talent and expertise. We invite you to join the board in working together to strengthen INA. You can join a committee or volunteer to assist with a short-term project. I believe “many hands make light work.” Won’t you join us in working together for the future of our industry? Please contact Rachel Lawrence at as your first step. 


In With the New!!
By Nikki Gribble, INA 2012 Nanny of the Year

It’s that time of year again, New Year’s resolution time. A time for new beginnings, new habits, and breaking old habits. A time to think about stretching and growing as a person and really enjoying life. In our profession as nannies, sometimes we get so busy caring for our charges and families that we forget in order to be the best for them, we need to take care of and stretch ourselves.

I am not a person who usually makes New Year’s resolutions, although I think it’s wonderful that people do. In January of last year I decided to make a resolution. I decided that I would set a goal that would not only stretch and grow me as a person, but it would also be something that would be enjoyable. My goal was to do or go to at least 12 new things and not just going to a restaurant or store I hadn’t been to. Basically a kind of “bucket list.” I have always enjoyed seeing new places and trying new things, so actually keeping a list was a fun thing to do. I not only met my goal, but exceeded it by having 24 new things that I’ve done and, as of this writing, the year isn’t quite over yet. A few of the things on my list included flying a plane, going to Las Vegas for the first time, completing a 5k mud run, scuba diving, and many more.

Now I know trying new things or going new places is not something everyone enjoys, in fact quite the contrary for some. People’s range of activities that they enjoy can be greatly varied. Maybe you enjoy reading books, getting pedicures, dancing, or a host of many other things. Whatever it is you like to do, challenge yourself this year to do more of it. Find something new if you seem to be in a rut. Maybe you’ll decide to do what I did this year and create a bucket list. Whatever it is stick to it; it will be worth it!

One other idea is to create a “bucket list” for the charges that you take care of. If they are past the infant/toddler stage, have them help you create a list of new things they would like to do this year. At the end of the year you could compile all their new accomplishments in a Snapfish book or scrapbook. You could create a “bucket list” for your infants/toddlers too. Either way, personal or professional, it gets the creative juices flowing to enrich both your own life and the life of your charges. So, what is going to be your “new thing” this year? Wouldn’t it be great to share some of your new adventures at the INA Conference in Louisville, KY, April 12-15th? Happy NEW year and many happy


How the New Health Insurance Law May Affect the Nanny
By Richard Eisenberg, Eisenberg Associates Insurance Agency INC.

As there is talk of the Affordable Care Act in the media, many agencies and nannies are wondering how this new law will affect agencies, nannies, and nanny employers.  Below are the highlights of the new law and how it will affect our industry. 

Most changes under the new health care law will begin in 2014. The current key benefit to a nanny right now is that he/she can stay on their parents’ plan until the age of 26.  If they are now covered as a dependent, they probably have an HMO, which means if they are living in another state, they most likely will be limited to only receiving emergency treatment out of state. For many individuals, this may be enough, since emergencies would be covered, they can save their routine visits for when they go home for a visit. For individuals over the age of 26, they would need to look into their own coverage. 

Once the full law takes effect in 2014, all health insurance will be “guaranteed issue,” which means that all preexisting conditions will be covered. Every state will have an exchange, which will have many different plans to choose from. 

Our office is located in Massachusetts and  the exchange is already in operation here. We are very active in providing nannies with health insurance on a guaranteed basis through the exchanges. 

Also starting next year, there will be subsidies and credits available for nannies to buy insurance. For a small employer, such as a family employing a nanny, there is no requirement that they provide health insurance to their employee. But it only makes sense for anyone working with children to have coverage, so perhaps the number of families offering coverage will increase.

For nannies who must purchase their own coverage, many will be eligible for assistance with the cost of premiums, as the cap on assistance runs to about $44,000 in income per year. Nannies making under that amount may qualify for a government subsidy.  

We will provide INA with another article as we get closer to the implementation of most of the provisions of the new law, as most of the exchanges will be up and running at least on an experimental basis soon. 


Conference Registration is Now Open! 

Registration for our 28th Annual Conference to be held April 12-15, 2013, in Louisville, KY, is now open. You can find all of the details you need, from hotel rooms to speakers, on the conference website . Remember in order to receive your member rate, or your new member discount, you must be logged in to your account. We hope to see you in Louisville this spring!





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