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President's Message
By Susan Tokayer, INA co-president

Susan TokayerI have become so aware lately of the importance of first impressions, especially in our respective professions. In our industry, where the public, unfortunately, is hearing the generally negative stories that involve nannies, clients have become even more nervous and cautious in their search for a nurturing, trusted caregiver for their children. 

In addition to families being cautious, they often seem to have little time to devote to their search. This combination is one of the reasons why first impressions count so much. For nanny agencies, the manner in which the phone is answered, the appearance of the website, meeting one of the nannies you’ve placed, and the attractiveness of your storefront, are all ways a potential client may be introduced to your agency.  For nannies, it may be a resume, an interview, or a phone conversation that is the first contact a potential employer has with you. 

As we begin a new year I encourage everyone to take a fresh look at what you convey in a first impression. In these times, where the job market is very competitive and the competition amongst nannie agencies is fierce, remember that you have just seconds to impress someone.

It isn’t a bad idea to ask a couple of friends or colleagues to look at your business material, or conduct a mock job interview with you. Getting other people’s feedback is invaluable as you try to assess what is working for you and what needs to be adjusted. Like a hair style that we’ve worn for many years; it may no longer work for us, but we stick with it because it’s familiar and we really don’t think much about it on a day-to-day basis. Then, your stylist suggests a new ’do, and voila, you look and feel renewed! Not to mention all the people who notice and comment on the great new look.

So, in this first quarter of 2013, I encourage all of you to review and renew!


INA Membership Conference Endowment

The INA Membership Conference Endowment was developed as a way to recognize our members for their dedication to the in-home child care industry.

Through the 2013 INA Membership Conference Endowment, which will run February 15 – March 1, 2013,  INA is pleased to offer full conference registration (a $295 value) to four INA members. Two full conference registrations will be given to those in the business category and two, in the caregiver category.  

Started in 2011, the INA Member Conference Endowment secured its initial funding from half of all monies raised through the 2011 INA Annual Conference 50/50 raffle. INA is pleased to continue earmarking half of all monies raised in future Annual Conference 50/50 raffles to the INA Member Conference Endowment fund. As tradition, the other half of all monies raised will continue to go towards supporting a local children’s charity in the city where INA's Annual Conference is held. The charity for this year’s  Annual Conference is Visually Impaired Preschool Services (VIPS). The mission of VIPS is to offer appropriate services to infants, toddlers and preschoolers who are visually impaired or blind, and to their families. The goal is to maximize each child’s developmental potential through direct services, advocacy and community education. Find out more about VIPS by visiting their website .


Why Should I Cast My Vote? 
By Kellie Geres, INA Board of Directors Nominating Committee Chair

Having served on the INA Board of Directors for 10 years, and now as the current INA Board of Directors Nominating Committee chair, I understand the importance of serving on the board of directors and what the INA board does for our membership, organization and industry.

Each year the nominating committee strives to bring the membership a ballot of nominees who will serve the organization to its fullest and meet or exceed the qualifications required to be eligible to serve on the board of directors.

Once the nominees are accepted, a voting ballot is presented to the INA membership to cast their votes. Each year, a minimum number of votes are required from the membership to qualify each election. Each year it is a struggle to secure those votes.

As committee chair, it is my goal to answer some common questions and dispel some myths about the nomination process, as well as to encourage each member to cast their vote when the ballot comes out in March.

Who qualifies as a board of directors nominee?

Any individual, standard or supporting member of INA can serve on the INA Board of Directors. Independent supporters are not eligible to serve. Staff members of an agency member are also not eligible to serve, unless they hold their own membership. While it is not necessary, it is strongly recommended that nominees have attended at minimum one conference, and have been involved in an INA committee. Members can nominate themselves, or individual names can be given to the committee and they will be contacted to see if they are interested in serving on the board.

What is the nomination process?

Potential nominees fill out the official board of directors’ nomination packet. Each nominee is asked a series of questions based on their INA involvement, skills they may bring to the board, prior board experience, and what contribution they will bring to the association.  Nominees also provide references, only one of which can be an INA member. The nominating committee then interviews each applicant and their references and makes the final determinations as to which candidates will appear on the ballot.

As former board members, the nominating committee knows the qualities one must have to serve on the board successfully, and the committee presents a slate to the membership that it feels meets the needs of the organization. We have declined applications from nominees for lack of experience and lack of knowledge of the association.

Why should you vote?

Voting is your right and privilege. Voting gives members the opportunity to select who you want representing you as an organization. From the candidates presented, members can select all or just the ones you wish to have your vote count for. If a nominee does not get the minimum number of votes required (50), they are not eligible to serve on the board. So just being on the ballot does not ensure they will be elected and serve the association. For this reason INA requests that all members vote.

Not familiar with the nominees?

We are limited by space in the information we can provide you with on each nominee. We strive to bring you the most important facts about each nominee, but if you wish to know more about a nominee, we encourage you to contact that nominee directly with your questions.

Is the board made up of different types of members, or is it predominantly nannies or agencies?

The current board has very balanced representation. The co-presidents of INA are Becky Kavanagh, a nanny with 20+ years’ experience, and Susan Tokayer, an agency owner for more than 18 years. There are also two other nannies serving on the board, one newborn care specialist, and one industry service partner. So of eight current board positions, four are held by caregivers, and four are held by business owners.

So once elected, what does the INA Board of Directors do for the association?

The INA Board of Directors serves the association and its membership. Some of their recent actions include: approving the Spanish translation of Beyond Parenting Basics; approving the INA Service Award Pin Program; approving the INA Conference Endowment Fund; approving the website restructuring; creating a clearinghouse of information and resources for nannies, employers and the public to learn from; approving the Job Board on; and much, much more.

I hope this answers some concerns you may have about the upcoming election, and will allow you to take a few moments to cast your vote for the 2013-2015 INA Board of Directors, voting ends Friday, February 22 at 11:59PM (EST).


New Addition to the 28th Annual Conference Lineup 

INA has added another pre-conference workshop to the 28th Annual Conference lineup, and it will be offered free of charge to all registered attendees on Friday, April 12, at 2:30 p.m. This informative workshop, Manners for the 21st Century, will be taught by Sheilagh Roth.  Mrs. Roth is the founder of The English Nanny and Governess School, and a long- standing member of the INA. 

When asked about the workshop and what attendees can expect, Mrs. Roth replied, “While fast food restaurants and drive through meals have become the eating style of Americans today, they offer little opportunity for teaching children dining manners. Parents hiring professional nannies expect them to be knowledgeable about correct dining and social manners. This workshop provides current concepts of dining, electronic, and social graces that enhance the opportunity for success in life for both the nanny and his/her charges.”

Conference attendees interested in attending this workshop must e-mail the INA office at to make a reservation prior to Thursday, February 28, 2013.

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